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Easily migrate HubSpot data and or schemas from
one HubSpot account into another with our powerful tools.


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Option 1

HubSpot to HubSpot Portal Migrator

Starting at $599

Our self-service HubSpot to HubSpot Portal Migrator App automatically migrates your HubSpot data from a source portal to a destination portal. The data in the source portal remains untouched.


Customize your migration run, filter data based on Business Units and Pipelines, migrate specific properties and property groups.


No field mapping required.


No need for you to manually create properties in the destination portal.


The app automatically takes care of everything required for moving your data from an existing HubSpot portal to another existing or new portal. 


If you are trying to migrate data from one or multiple HubSpot portals into a new or existing HubSpot portal, this app is for you.

The following data can be migrated from your Source Portal into your Destination portal:

  • Business Unit Assignment
  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Tickets
  • Custom Objects
  • Pipelines
  • Owners/Users (Does not consume a license)
  • Engagements (Meetings, Tasks, Notes, Calls, Emails, SMS, Postal Mail)
  • Custom Properties for all Objects
  • Lists
  • Forms (Schema Only)
  • Associations between all records and Custom Association Labels
  • Line Items/Products
  • Files/Attachments
  • Currencies

The HubSpot to HubSpot Portal Migrator App is a certified app in the HubSpot App Marketplace.

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Option 2

HubSpot Schema Replicator


Our Self-Service HubSpot Schema Replicator copies your HubSpot Schema/Setup from one portal to another. This version of our HubSpot Portal Migration application does not migrate data. It only copies the schema of your HubSpot from one portal to another. 


An example of a Schema in HubSpot would be all of your Contact Properties, but not your contact records. With the HubSpot Schema Replicator you are able to copy your HubSpot Properties and settings from one portal to another with just a few clicks.

Our Schema Replication service can copy the following Schemas from one HubSpot portal into another:

  • Folders
  • Company Properties
  • Contact Properties
  • Deal Pipeline/Stages
  • Deal Properties
  • Line Item Properties
  • Ticket Pipeline/Stages
  • Ticket Properties
  • Forms (Schema Only)
  • Custom Objects and Properties
  • Association Labels
  • Engagement Properties
  • Currencies
Please note that at this time we cannot replicate workflows, reports, and dashboards. We will be able too as soon as a new authorized and secure public API for them is made available.

The HubSpot Schema Replicator is great for setting up a development environment or making implementations more efficient.

Are you a HubSpot Partner?
the Portal Toolbox is for you.

Option 3

HubSpot Portal Toolbox


The HubSpot Portal Toolbox is a comprehensive solution for migrating, cloning, and staging your data in HubSpot. 


It is an advanced and upgraded unlimited use version of our Migrator Suite of tools. Perfect for Enterprise Customers and HubSpot Partners with complex HubSpot data needs.


Perform Data Migrations, Merge portals, Create Change sets to deploy later, Test apps, QA and QC changes in a sandbox. The possibilities are endless. 


The app automatically takes care of everything required for moving your data from one portal to another. It works with Production accounts, Sandboxes, and Developer accounts. 


If you are an enterprise HubSpot Customer or HubSpot partner that needs to move data, properties, workflows, and schemas from one HubSpot portal to another on a recurring basis. This is the version for you.

The HubSpot Portal Toolbox is an upgraded unlimited use version of the HubSpot to HubSpot Migrator suite of apps.

The app is able to perform unlimited advanced migrations on demand. With the following filtering available to meet your needs:

  • A fully customizable migration schema.
  • Create, Name, Save, and push change sets on demand.
  • Business Units filtering and assignment.
  • Deal Pipeline selection and filtering.
  • Filter and migrate specific properties and property groups for objects.
  • Form filtering
  • Lists Filtering
  • Workflow Filtering
  • Custom Objects data, schema migration and filtering.
  • And more…

The Portal Toolbox is a perfect for Enterprise HubSpot Customers and HubSpot Partners.