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HubSpot to HubSpot Migrator

*Please note it may take up to 24 hours for your export to complete depending on the size of your HubSpot database and your position in que.
*You must be a “Super Admin” in HubSpot in order for the export to function.
*Individual campaign email records are currently unavailable for export with this service.


*The migrator will run automatically after checkout is completed.



Our Self-Service HubSpot to HubSpot portal Migrator is a comprehensive solution for migrating your data from one HubSpot portal to another. The migration tool has been purpose built for HubSpot to help you easily move your data from one portal to another and allow you to take control of your company’s data without having to deal with pesky sales reps and manual migration teams. Our automated migration service is guaranteed to work as listed here, or your money will be refunded to you.


Simply create an account at and go through the self-service checkout process to migrate your HubSpot data from one portal to another.


The HubSpot to HubSpot Migration tool “Updates” the destination portal so that it does not create duplicate contacts and minimizes the amount of duplicate data elsewhere. If you require assistance deduplicating or cleaning your combined HubSpot databases, we offer assistance with that as well.


Our service migrates the following HubSpot data from one HubSpot portal into another.

– Owners
– Custom Properties for all Objects
– Tickets
– Deals
– Line Items/Products
– Contacts
– Companies
– Files/Attachments
– Lists
– Associations between all records
– Custom Objects
– Engagements (Meetings, tasks, Notes, Calls, emails)

Our service uses (SSL/TLS) encryption at all times while data is “in transit” to and from HubSpot, so the data remains secure. We do not store any of your data aside from the secure tokens required to migrate your HubSpot Data. Those tokens are destroyed after the migration is completed. In addition this application is GDPR Compliant and hosted in the EU.


For any questions about how the migration works please visit


We recommend reading the documentation explaining how the tool works before proceeding.