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*Please note it may take up to 24 hours for your export to complete depending on the size of your HubSpot database and your position in que.
*You must be a “Super Admin” in HubSpot in order for the export to function.
*Individual campaign email records are currently unavailable for export with this service.

Subscription Interval

The HubSpot Portal Toolkit is a comprehensive solution for migrating, cloning, and staging your data in HubSpot. Move your data as often as you need to, when you need to, as many times as you need to.

Perform Data Migrations, Merge portals, Create Change sets, Test apps, QA and QC changes in a sandbox or developer accounts. The HubSpot Portal Toolkit has been purpose built for HubSpot to help you easily move your data and schemas from any type of HubSpot portal to another without having to deal with manual migration teams or homebrewed solutions. This application will save you time and reduce human error when working with your HubSpot Data.

Simply create an account at and go through the self-service checkout process to get started migrating an unlimited amount of HubSpot data and schemas between HubSpot portals..

How does it work?

Access to the app is granted after you complete signup. You can access it the my app information section on your account page.

To configure a run in the user panel click Create New Migration. After clicking you will be re-directed to the apps authorization page. From here you need to authorize your Source and Target HubSpot portals. 

The source is where your data and schemas will be migrated from. The target is where they will be copied too. Once you have authorized both portals click continue to configure the rest of the migration.

After you configure your migration you will be re-directed back to the user panel where you can initiate your migration on demand.  Once you initiate a run you will receive email updates throughout the process and be able to see updates live in the user panel.

We have extensive support documentation that can be found here. If you want a demo of the application please reach out to us here.

What can the HubSpot Portal Toolkit migrate?

The HubSpot Portal Toolkit can automatically migrate the following schemas and data.

  • Workflows
  • Business Units
  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Lists
  • Custom Objects
  • Custom Object Pipelines
  • Custom Properties for all Objects
  • Deals
  • Deal Pipelines
  • Forms (Schemas Only)
  • Line Items/Products
  • Engagements (Meetings, Tasks, Notes, Calls, Emails, SMS, Postal Mail)
  • Owners/Users (Doesn’t consume a license)
  • Tickets
  • Ticket Pipelines
  • Files/Attachments
  • Forms (Schema Only)
  • Folders
  • Currencies
  • Associations between all records


The HubSpot Portal Toolkit can migrate all of the above an unlimited number of times on demand.

Can the app filter data and schemas?

The HubSpot Portal Toolkit is able to perform unlimited advanced migrations, which allows users to filter data to meet their advanced needs. The application is able to filter data in the following ways.

  • A fully customizable migration schema.
  • Create, Name, Save, and push change sets on demand.
  • Business Units filtering and assignment.
  • Deal Pipeline selection and filtering.
  • Filter and migrate specific properties and property groups for objects.
  • Form filtering
  • Lists Filtering
  • Workflow Filtering
  • Custom Objects data, schema migration and filtering.

GDPR Compliance

All apps are fully GDPR compliant. Depending on where you are in the world, your data will be processed and hosted in Microsoft Azure’s EU West or North American data centers. 


Our apps use (SSL/TLS) encryption at all times while data is in transit and at rest. Read more about our security here.

This app has been certified by HubSpot meaning it has undergone a security review by the team at HubSpot.

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