HubSpot to HubSpot Portal Migration

Easily migrate HubSpot CRM data from
an existing HubSpot account to a new one

Need to merge two or more HubSpot accounts? Or split a HubSpot account into two separate portals?

Whether you’re moving your HubSpot data to a new account, merging multiple HubSpot portals, or spinning out a subset of your existing data into a new HubSpot account, our sister company Bayard Bradford can provide you with options for making the process smooth and painless.

Option 1

Self-Service HubSpot to HubSpot Portal Migration

Our self-service HubSpot to HubSpot Portal Migrator App automatically migrates your HubSpot CRM data from a
source portal to a destination portal.


No field mapping required.


No need for you to manually create properties in the destination portal.


The app automatically takes care of everything required for moving your CRM data from an existing HubSpot portal to another existing or new portal. 


A full list of what the self service app can migrate can be found here in our FAQ.

The HubSpot to HubSpot Portal Migrator App is available through the HubSpot App Marketplace.

FAQ: Merging Multiple HubSpot Portals

Option 2

Guided HubSpot to HubSpot CRM Data Migration

Bayard Bradford can guide you in using our HubSpot to HubSpot Portal Migration App to migrate your CRM data from an existing HubSpot portal to an existing or new HubSpot portal.

  1. Our migration experts will consult with you on preparing for your migration.
  2. Using the HubSpot to HubSpot Portal Migration app, we will schedule and run the migration.
  3. After the migration run finishes, we will review the data in the destination portal to ensure an error free process.
  4. If needed, a second run of the migration app is included in the Guided Migration fee.

HubSpot CRM Data that is automatically migrated:

  • Business Unit Assignment
  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Tickets
  • Custom Objects
  • Pipelines
  • Owners/Users
  • Engagements (Meetings, Tasks, Notes, Calls, Emails, SMS, Postal Mail)
  • Custom Properties for all Objects
  • Lists
  • Forms (Schema Only)
  • Associations between all records and Custom Association Labels
  • Line Items/Products
  • Files/Attachments
  • Currencies

HubSpot CRM data that cannot be migrated due to HubSpot API limitations:

  • Marketing email campaign data
  • Historical web traffic data
  • Properties with the same name but a different type in each portal
  • Active lists that reference data that is not migrated.
  • Deactivated users that still own records
Option 3

Managed HubSpot Data and Digital Asset Migration

HubSpot portals have digital assets, workflows and settings that must be recreated when migrating one or more existing HubSpot portals to a new HubSpot portal. In a HubSpot to HubSpot Managed Data and Digital Asset Migration, Bayard Bradford performs the entire migration process for you — including digital assets.

Our Managed Migration service handles items that must be migrated manually
(or recreated) in the destination HubSpot portal:

  • Website pages
  • Landing pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Emails
  • Workflows
  • Blog posts
  • Campaigns
  • Email subscriptions
  • 301 redirects
  • Sequences
  • Templates

If your migration destination is a new HubSpot portal, our Managed Migration service comes with onboarding services included.

Book time with a Hubspot migrations expert to learn more