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With just a few clicks, can help you integrate HubSpot’s databases with your own hosted compatible database, and take control of your company’s data. With Database Sync for HubSpot you can connect HubSpot to your database using our self-service app.

The Database Sync App connects HubSpot to your Datawarehouse and syncs data at a regular interval. Our Database Sync app for HubSpot automatically creates all the necessary tables and keys to import your HubSpot data into your database. It is a point and click solution purpose designed to ETL data out of HubSpot into your data warehouse or data lake.

This app is GDPR Compatible and is hosted entirely in the EU if your business requires that. Simply select the location as EU or US Depending on your preferences and it will dynamically change where the app is hosted and processed. 

This app currently supports the following database formats with more coming in the future.

  • – Azure SQL Database
  • – Azure Synapse Analytics
  • – Azure Data Warehouse
  • – Standalone Microsoft SQL Server
  • – Google Cloud SQL for SQL Server


For questions about upcoming database compatibly please visit our Helpdesk and submit an inquiry.

In order to complete the app installation process you will need the following information prepared.

  1. Server Address
  2. Database Name
  3. Database Username
  4. Password


(The username must not be the servers username. It must be a database user for the database you create for us to sync data to)

The following permissions must be granted to the Database User used to run this application.


Depending on how you have set up your security you may also need to whitelist our App Services’ IP address range. Please visit to request more information.

Our services use (SSL/TLS) encryption at all times while data is “in transit” from HubSpot, so the data remains secure. We also utilize transparent data encryption which encrypts your connector information at rest.

If you need assistance with developing custom integrations please visit for more details. Already have an account? Click here to login.