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*Free forever for for new users that sign up before 6/15/2021

This feature addon allows users to quickly and accurately convert deal amounts in HubSpot to another currency.

The currency conversion rates are updated every 60 seconds to give you close to real time accuracy so that you can provide your customers with accurate quotes using the HubSpot quoting tool.

Click a button to save the converted amount, currency, rate, and time of conversion to HubSpot. This allows you to run reports, send sales emails, and generate quotes  using personalization tokens based off these fields.

This application is a feature upgrade for your entire portal. You do not pay per user only per HubSpot account. Ultimate Currency Convertor was developed as part of the app accelerator program run by HubSpot to solve for specific customer needs.

This app was developed by the creators of the popular Ultimate Data Export app for HubSpot.

You can read more about how the app works at the helpdesk.